Nayeli Almanzan

Nayeli Almanzan


  • CF L1
  • Weightlifting L1


  • Rio Hondo College, California


I found CrossFit in 2016 after 3 months of having moved to California. I was not a healthy individual at all, but this sport allowed me to fall in love with fitness and wanting to better myself! I instantly fell in love with the community and the way every single person there wants you to succeed. I have always been very competitive and loved that this sport allowed me to compete against myself. Every day is a chance to beat myself from the day before. It’s you against you. 

Additional Questions:

What is your favorite CrossFit movement and/or benchmark WOD?
Clean and jerk absolutely!
My favorite benchmark wod is DT of course!!

What is your go-to cheat meal?
Sush, Alllll of the sushi!! 

What do you like to do when not in the gym?
Take my boys to the park 

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