Felipe Padilla

Felipe Padilla


  • CrossFit L1 2017
  • CrossFit Kids 2020


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I found CrossFit Ra in 2015 when I walked in one Saturday morning and was greeted by fantastic people and a brutal workout. I joined the following Monday morning. I received my L1 in 2017 and began as a trainer shortly after. I love giving my athletes the tools they need to achieve their goals. Being a trainer is the best job in the world. I look forward to Monday’s where I can train other and get some fitness in myself.

Additional Questions:

What is your favorite CrossFit movement and/or Benchmark WOD?
The Bench Press

What is your go-to cheat meal?
Pancakes drizzled with syrup and a pinch of whip cream.

What do you like to do when not in the gym?
Try new coffee roasters with my lady and pretend to know what we are talking about when it comes to the flavor profile.

What song is your favorite on your workout playlist?
“Diesel” by Granger Smith


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